finally I had few spare hours to myself. which resulted in looking through the photos I have left for later or forgotten about. my personal pictures (not of me, of course).

there is something magical in going back to the captured moments. even if they don’t look special there is always a note of melancholy, faded smile, , silly moment or just the blue sky on that very unique summer afternoon, with that very important person, in that amazing city…

I have merged few pictures to create a panorama. my first try so they look a bit ‘unfinished’ but as I am practicing I hope I will be able to create a proper ones very soon

If any of you is interested how to merge photos (in Ps) here are few tips:

*open your raw files in camera raw

*in lens correction tab enable lens profile correction and remove chromatic aberration

*synchronise them  (tick local adjustment box if you have applied any)

*photomerge: file/ automate/ photomerge – add open files – click on blend images together, geometric distortion control and remove vignetting

*flatten image

*rotate your panorama – select/all/ free transform (ctrl T)

*fix the distortion – ctrl J + ctrl T. right click and choose perspective and scale

*crop out the blank areas




~ by mona on September 8, 2013.

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