Joie de vivre

Simple explanation of the ‘”Joie de vivre” (or the “joy of living“):

it is an expression for a rare quality that simply shines forth in some people, an ability to love life to its fullest and to reflect this in both personality and deed.

If you add to it Florence Joelle than you can observe and even be a part of the purest form of the joy in its sophisticated and intriguing version!


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“Florence Joelle’s Kiss of Fire Paris-born, Camden-based, her music has a heady, jazzy swing of the hips, the sultry tango of ‘I’ll Come Running’ the perfect soundtrack to any Martini-fuelled, Mad Men-themed party.” Q Magazine


Model: Florence Joelle

Assistant: Glenn Michael Harper

Photographer: Mona Olichwier


~ by mona on April 15, 2015.

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