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‘Life is beautiful if you let it’

The truth in just the words of the title of this album will take you on a personal journey with Florence. As it says on her website:

Pull up a chair – no, that one in the corner. Pour yourself a glass of the good stuff, then press play. From its opening notes and tender, nicotine-and-whisky vocals, Florence Joelle’s beautiful new album, Life Is Beautiful If You Let It, will draw you into a world of exotic enchantment like a cool wind on a sultry night.


Florence. She is the air, she is the fire.

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Florence, the fire


Florence, the angel


Florence, the icon


Florence, the muse

Work in Progress

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It might seem I am being lazy recently but that is only with my posts.

I have decided to start another blog- mostly but not only about food. and cooking. and eating. and photography.

Have a look if you are a “foodie”. or if you are just nosy 🙂 the same rule apply as to shopping- don’t do it with empty stomach…


In so called meantime I am still working on Flo pictures

Joie de vivre

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Simple explanation of the ‘”Joie de vivre” (or the “joy of living“):

it is an expression for a rare quality that simply shines forth in some people, an ability to love life to its fullest and to reflect this in both personality and deed.

If you add to it Florence Joelle than you can observe and even be a part of the purest form of the joy in its sophisticated and intriguing version!


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“Florence Joelle’s Kiss of Fire Paris-born, Camden-based, her music has a heady, jazzy swing of the hips, the sultry tango of ‘I’ll Come Running’ the perfect soundtrack to any Martini-fuelled, Mad Men-themed party.” Q Magazine


Model: Florence Joelle

Assistant: Glenn Michael Harper

Photographer: Mona Olichwier

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Running out of energy lately. Thanks Fortune the weekend is just around the corner.

I need a holiday. Somewhere close to the nature. Peace and quiet on To Do List.


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I have been a bit lazy recently. Or it is just the best season to have a break. A holiday from a camera. Well, holiday-ish… Not that I need an excuse as I feel not even a tiny guilty.

There are few things already happening and few other are lined up so having a bit of a dolce far niente sounds like reasonable plan. Before that year really start rolling.

Hope you are all having Lazy Sunday… because we are worth it!


dogs and cats

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MOD style Remembrance Sunday

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Brighton MOD Weekender (35mm)

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