Paris scootering

when in Paris … get on a scooter

every time I am in the city I have the pleasure of riding either a vintage Vespa or Lambretta with my other half. it’s a common mode of transport in Paris,  though not for me- every ride is a Journey. either to the other side of a city or to the countryside

that’s my adopted french style of mod culture which includes: the scooters, the music, the allnighters and a northern soul style of living. it’s fascinating but I have to admit I am the absolute beginner

sometimes a scooter is more than a mode of transport- it is my ‘vantage point’ to take the pictures. most of them are moved, shaky images as it is quite difficult to keep a camera steady. there is a magic for me of not only ‘catching the moment’ but catching the moment passing as well. and of course it is a record of MY personal moment, the experience of being there, of feeling free with a camera in my hand, a wind on my face and a safety of  being close to my man


~ by mona on March 14, 2013.

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