Highgate Cemetery. West.

The Highgate Cemetery West opened in 1839 and East side was added in 1860. It was run commercially by a private company. But when in 1970s they found it was no longer profitable, a period of decline set in. Nature took over and vandals had the day.

The Friends rescued the cemetery, reopened to the public and have battled ever since to reverse the damage. At the same moment keeping it on the wild side- as a home to many different species of wild animals, birds, insects and all sorts of unique flora.

They do relay on the entrance charges and donations to maintain the cemetery. The good thing is that all the funds are devoted to the preservation of that amazing place.

It can only be visited by guided tour (all guides are not paid and do this in their own free time)…

Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust: http://highgatecemetery.org/visit


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~ by mona on December 19, 2013.

7 Responses to “Highgate Cemetery. West.”

  1. Great pictures! I love B&W photograhpy!

  2. Very nicely a appropriately done for a place of the last rest in peace.

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