the struggle

I am working on my website. Don’t you get so excited- it seems it might be done next year, looking at the speed of my progress…

Have you ever tried to look through your picture library and choose what is good and what is not and then what would be a good choice to show yourself to world? I mean those things can be seen on a tablet in China’s rice fields as much as in Manhattan!

How to be objective about your own work? The photographs I like can be important to me because of emotional strings are attached but are they strong enough that somebody out there can sense my emotions?

It looks it is going to be a long process…

Here, I want to ask you for a bit of help… Please look through one serie of photographs I’ve taken and tell me if they are good for a website? And if you think they are can you tell me which particular ones? And maybe why (something is telling me I’m pushing my luck in here…)


~ by mona on September 12, 2013.

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