The first pancake is always spoiled (Pierwsze koty za płoty)

Here we go. Update.

I have finally graduated (a month or two ago) and hardly even touched my camera lately. I reckon I have deserved a break from my hobby which became my profession. I still have a trouble to accept that transition so have decided to take a holiday (as a ‘time off’) from anything connected with the photography.  That was The Decision. Another thing is if that worked…? Well, not really…

I have juggled between the thought of being professional and other one as of being the enthusiast. Those are difficult choices and even more difficult changes to apply to one’s life. I have never been a person of a great plan, neither the decision maker. The only thing I can connect myself to Napoleon is my height… Most of my plans ended on a piece of a paper, somewhere between the last year calendar’s pages (ok, I’m admitting here to kind of collecting old diaries… nobody’s perfect, right?)

There are several changes in my life at the moment- feel free to choose the department- and I feel the autumn is coming. Now- The Autumn-The Most cherished season. I mean for me of course. Somehow. I don’t really have to explain everything about myself in here, do I? Let’s leave it as a statement without all those ‘why?’ and other ‘why?’… Anyhow, it feels there is a time for change which comes with a gust of wind, suddenly the cold one, pouring rain and shorter days. And I start to think about the long, dark evenings, when the last of my desires will be to put even one foot outside my door.

Knitting is cool. Apparently. And hot pot of Earl Grey. And all those film noir I’ve been promising myself I’ll watch one day. All those things and few others are waiting for me…

You probably think I feel either old or sentimental. Or both.

The thing is- when I have to, I mean absolutely must, do something I have been trying to postpone for ages then I am becoming domestic queen (well, in my mind at least). I am cleaning, and knitting, and singing and dancing while cooking… So sometimes at the end of a very busy day of work, when I hardly can put one foot in front of the other (yes! sitting the whole day behind the desk and staring at the computer IS very tiring! Indeed!) I am coming back home and like to look through my pictures. To remind myself of the summer days’ memories (or other seasons’), places I would love to go back to and people I love. Because that what is the photography to me. Every time I am pressing the shutter release I am locking the past and transferring it to the future. Sending myself a message for less glorious moments (am I being a bit dramatic in here? not intentionally thou…)

So much for the introduction…

I am working on my website which should come up to the surface as soon as the real autumn will start!

See you there!


Paris Autumn triptich


Have you really read everything?!

Then let me know how excited you are ;)…


~ by mona on September 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “The first pancake is always spoiled (Pierwsze koty za płoty)”

  1. I taught photography to primary [elementary] school children as part of my classroom. When I left teaching I put my camera down and did not pick it up for more than a decade. I regret that although it was necessary at the time.
    Terry………………… and yes, I read everything.

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