liquid light- preview

Finally I have done it! I have been waiting to try liquid emulsion process for quite a while and today it happened. I have produced few prints but what I was really after was the print on glass. I will write about it a bit more next week as it needs some improvement but I am really happy I was able to walk out of the darkroom door with one pretty successful glass print.

What do you think?

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~ by mona on May 30, 2013.

7 Responses to “liquid light- preview”

  1. It is wonderful effect.I like it.I can imagine what it means for you .I have tried to paint behind stained Glass it is quite tricky to get it right.

    • tricky indeed and very fragile. it has been said it’s the most difficult surface for this technique. and I reckon for many others too 😉

      • This is so true.

      • did you have a problem with the air bubbles when painting? on glass I mean

      • No not really you use a Acrylic paint that is more sticky . I had to paint in layers highlights firs and background the last .I haven’t done these Church window paintings more like the British Painter H.Sperling.If you do these paintings like in church windows the paint is more like a fluid transparent glue.

    • Hello, Were you painting with liquid light behind stained glass or with paint? I’m hoping to use liquid light on a stained glass window!

      • Hi Emily!
        That’s one great idea!
        I would take under consideration the background colour- as more pale/ see through the better.
        The main trouble I had it was in developing stage as the gelatin has the tendency to slide off the smooth surface. If you have means to apply some transparent layer onto glass to make it less smooth that can improve process as much as the quality of the image.
        Good luck!

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