sneaky peak

I’m back to a darkroom. It’s what I like about photography the most- doing it myself from a to z. Taking pictures, processing film, making prints. The moment when I can see an image appearing in developer is the most exciting.

This time I had my hands on producing the cyanotypes. The cyanotype is a printing out process using an ultra violet light source. It is one of the oldest and most permanent printing processes still in use by fine arts photographers and it is the simplest ‘alternative’ photographic process to undertake. The name itself was created thankfully to the colour of a print which turns in a different shades of blue (cyan). It is a contact print method which can be used to create photograms and photographs on a different materials- the most common is the watercolour paper but you can use almost anything what can be coated with the emulsion




~ by mona on May 8, 2013.

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