Final show

We are slowly slowly getting closer to the end of the photography course at KCC college which will finish with our collective show. Final works. The question is what to decide for? What represents me? How to show myself, my achievements, what have I learnt, my work, my pride and glory in a collection of a few photographs?

On top of that what title for the exhibition to come up with? I am thinking  Kaleidoscope. 

We are the great  mix of ages, races and nationalities. With the broad variety of personalities, likes and dislikes, photography styles and choices. The different histories and experiences behind. The same as the plans for the future. And with the different ways of seeing and capturing the world around us.
So I have this image of all of us in a kaleidoscope with the beautiful, colourful glass and depending on who is looking through gets a different  image, as unique as each one of as.
We were given task to choose one photograph which could be used to create the poster for our show. I came up with two (after a loooong time) mainly for a text space

~ by mona on April 24, 2013.

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